from by Ghost Key



Struggling to find my inspiration.
I Can't clear my thoughts long enough to think.
I thought i moved past this.
I thought i was done writing about being alone.

I am constantly falling back into this hole
and losing my grip on the people i love the most.
(Losing my grip.)
The only question
how many more songs will it take
for you to hear.
(What will it take?)

All those phone calls and sleepless nights.
The long drives and watching the clock as they spent hours
telling me that things would be fine.
Don't tell me a story about a boy who got better.

Tell me a story about the one who never suffered.
What about the one that got away?

I found some hope in myself.
The first fulfillment I've had in years.
I'll never let this go.
I'll never let it fail
as long as you hold me close.

I can't explain this feeling.
What it means to finally mean something.
I believe in this.
I'm never giving up.

Just hold me close.


from MMXIII​-​MMXIV, released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Ghost Key Peoria, Illinois

Ghost Key consists of five good friends coming together to make passionate, emotional melodic hardcore.


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