from by Ghost Key



I don't understand
why you left so soon.

Constantly looking to place blame
When there's no blame to be placed.
Just an hourglass running it's course.
But i guess that's why there's fear in faith.

So what's the use in prayer
and the good in belief?
If the only thing i get in return
is pain and loss.

I would still crawl on my hands and knees for you
if it meant I could bring you back.

I felt a sudden sense of relief.
Like suddenly,
I can feel you here with me.
I can hear that lullaby that you used to love.
You always practiced what you preached.
If I ever learned anything,
never put your faith God
because look what he's done to you.

It ended with a white room.
A loved one whos grip wasn't tight enough
and the the pain was too much. How can i say goodbye to you?
How am i supposed to sleep?
This is all his fault.
I will never sleep again.

Just rest your eyes my son.

I am in this alone.


from MMXIII​-​MMXIV, released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Ghost Key Peoria, Illinois

Ghost Key consists of five good friends coming together to make passionate, emotional melodic hardcore.


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