by Ghost Key

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Just give up on me. I'm not worth the effort. Just a lost cause. A pathetic waste of time Things will never be different. I will always be a disappointment. I refuse to believe that you can change me. Just like my father and his father before him. They've written books about people like me. There is no cure so just lock me up and throw away the key. This is no disease that you can treat. For every mistake I've made. It's just another reason to fucking hate who I am. Everytime you offer forgiveness. Another reason you shouldn't stay. I keep screaming. Thinking I can change something. Looking back, that's never how it's been. I don't have the strength to carry on anymore. And I've made up my mind. I need you here with me. I know what I want. I need you here with me. (But I end up) alone with a mirror and (so) now I see My worst fears Right in front of me. I am alone.
3:33 01:54
I would have saved you if I could. I guess that's the problem with this story. Months turned into years. The bond we had was broken. I'll never forget the promise we made. It seems like I'm always apologizing. I should have been there. We should've been there. It wasn't like you to think that way. A mind bound in chains, searching for escape. Even I couldn't see the hell you were facing. You pulled the trigger and never said goodbye. And with one shot you were gone, you left us bearing grief. Did you even think of the effect that this would have on me. I blamed myself for so long and nothing heals with time. It's hard to grasp these thoughts in an invisible mind. Losing you is making me lose my mind.
Past.Present 02:06
My mind is a prison. This is my hell. Where all the roads lead to home and all the devils speak in the tongues of my friends that I used to know. The place where my heart feels the heaviest. I discern this and I don't want to be saved. This torment is what I deserve. Lost somewhere between the past and the present. I am meant to be a shattered soul. The closer I get, the further it feels. What am I to do? The dream-catcher above my bed hasn't helped me sleep in months. That dream-catcher was worthless and ill never take that medication. You always said that I was weak and I never proved that I was strong. There's a noose hanging from the ceiling and its the only place I've ever belonged.
Fulfillment 03:14
Struggling to find my inspiration. I Can't clear my thoughts long enough to think. I thought i moved past this. I thought i was done writing about being alone. I am constantly falling back into this hole and losing my grip on the people i love the most. (Losing my grip.) The only question how many more songs will it take for you to hear. (What will it take?) All those phone calls and sleepless nights. The long drives and watching the clock as they spent hours telling me that things would be fine. Don't tell me a story about a boy who got better. Tell me a story about the one who never suffered. What about the one that got away? I found some hope in myself. The first fulfillment I've had in years. I'll never let this go. I'll never let it fail as long as you hold me close. I can't explain this feeling. What it means to finally mean something. I believe in this. I'm never giving up. Just hold me close.
Stones 03:02
I don't understand why you left so soon. Constantly looking to place blame When there's no blame to be placed. Just an hourglass running it's course. But i guess that's why there's fear in faith. So what's the use in prayer and the good in belief? If the only thing i get in return is pain and loss. I would still crawl on my hands and knees for you if it meant I could bring you back. I felt a sudden sense of relief. Like suddenly, I can feel you here with me. I can hear that lullaby that you used to love. You always practiced what you preached. If I ever learned anything, never put your faith God because look what he's done to you. It ended with a white room. A loved one whos grip wasn't tight enough and the the pain was too much. How can i say goodbye to you? How am i supposed to sleep? This is all his fault. I will never sleep again. Just rest your eyes my son. I am in this alone.
Rewritten 03:25
I cant believe how many times I have come back to this. Trying to rewrite the past. The hardest part is I know I can always keep wishing but you'll never change. You can never be who I want you to be. The more I dig the more I see the problem. Your were searching for answers at the bottom of the bottle. What have I done to keep attracting people just like you. Just different faces but the circumstances will never change. What have I done? Is this my fault? I can hear your voice but I can't make out the words. When will you learn that you have to save yourself. I keep digging deeper and now I understand. What will make you see? It's not that you don't deserve this. it's just I'm not that type of person. I'm sorry it had to end like this. I'm sorry I'll never get the chance to say. I'm sorry. I'm sorry it was you.


songs 1-2 recorded by: Chris Galvez @ Red Cord Studios in Rockford, IL
songs 3-6 (Winter EP) recorded by: Troy & Cale Sennett in Bloomington, IL
Artwork by: Ryan Murphy


released March 25, 2014

Thanks to: all our friends and family, Josh Epple/Rooftop Records, Chris Sawicki, Dead Letters Collective, Step Out Touring, Conquerors, Steady Hands, Give & Take, Jeff Stuckel (Keyoung), Take Hold Church, Troy Ruff, Randy Tockes, Kristin Woodmancy, anyone who has let us crash on their floor, and everyone who has supported us along the way


all rights reserved



Ghost Key Peoria, Illinois

Ghost Key consists of five good friends coming together to make passionate, emotional melodic hardcore.

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